Secret Santa 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Secret Santa?

Smack Jeeves' Secret Santa was started in 2006 by Trebor, and has been a tradition ever since. Check out the past Secret Santa sites, and take a moment to thank the brave souls who sacrificed themselves over the past eight years to bring you this seasonal hullabaloo:

Past Secret Santa Sites Brave Souls
Charlie Enkida
Cutething Enkida
imi Pyroman
Avian-Reader xkrazydog tezzle
Ddraigeneth YakkitySax MacSimon
HalfAssedChaos Sonic-Ock Ddraigeneth
Earthfield Nymine Ddraigeneth Smack Santa

How does it work?

Starting in early November, a sign up thread is created on the forums. Everyone who signs up will be randomly matched with a secret santa giftee and required to submit a piece of artwork (the gift), having to do with the user or their comic. Click on the rules page for more information and guidelines.

Who can participate?

Any member of SmackJeeves with the ability of creating and digitizing art work. See the list of participants (which will be posted once the sign up period has ended).

What kind of gift should I make?

Consider the kind of gift you'd like to receive. Look at your Giftee's comic(s), browse their forum posts, get an idea for who they are and what they're interested in. Not all participants have comics, so making nice fan artwork isn't always an option. However, fan art isn't necessarily the most exciting or creative gift, either. For instance, we've had people create fan art of people's forum avatars in the past. Have fun with it!

Remember, while Santa only has one night to deliver all of his presents, he has a whole year to make them. You only have a few weeks. Don't be too ambitious with your gift!

Check out our past Secret Santas for more ideas.

What's a scrooge?

Scrooges are people who neglect their commitments and do not submit a gift for their assigned giftee by the specified deadline. Learn more.

What's a krampus?

Traditionally, Krampus is the dark companion of Santa Claus who is responsible for punishing naughty children (in contrast to Santa, who rewards good children). The Krampus' role in Smack Jeeves' Secret Santa is not much different. Beware the Krampus! Don't be a scrooge!

What are elves? How do I become one?

Elves are volunteers who sign up to create gifts for people who were scrooged. They may have multiple giftees, and will not get additional gifts in return (but they will be made much of and thanked publicly, so there's that).

Can I become a co-author? Why did you deny my co-author request?

Running Secret Santa is a lot of work. It's great that people are so enthusiastic about this event and want to help, but all co-author requests will be denied. Please consider becoming an elf instead!

We greatly appreciate the generous offer. However, we do not need donator codes to manage the site.

How are secret santas / giftees chosen? Can I make gifts for my friends?

Secret Santas / Giftees are chosen randomly. You cannot put in a request for a specific giftee, but there's nothing stopping you from making art for your friends! We will not be posting it on the site, however.

What file formats will be accepted?

JPG, GIF, PNG and SWF formats are acceptable (standard Smack Jeeves formats). Learn more about submitting your gift.

How big/small should my gift be?

We've gotten gifts in all shapes and sizes, and are loathe to hamper creativity. However, as a general guideline, please try to keep gifts within the 600-900pixel wide range, and a reasonable file size. 5MB is the file upload limit for SmackJeeves. Learn more about submitting your gift.

What are the deadlines for the event? What if I forget / get busy?

Deadline information and guidelines are detailed on the Rules page.

Can I PM my gift to you? My email won't let me attach files

PMs don't let you attach files, either. If you're sending a link to your file, include that in your email. Simple stuff!

I have family obligations / something came up / it's not my fault! I don't want to be a scrooge!

No one wants to be scrooged, and committing to a gift exchange and not following through happens to the best of us, but it still makes other people feel lousy. We understand that life happens, but the scrooge list is all in good fun. Own up to it and move on.

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