Secret Santa 2014


  1. Sign Up! To participate, sign up in the forum thread before December 5th
  2. Make a Gift! Create an original piece of art in the form of a single picture/comic (one image file) OR a flash animation (yup, we're accepting swfs) for your giftee after you receive your assignment on December 6th (you will get a gift in return from your Secret Santa!) For more information, read about what kind of gift you should make
  3. Check it twice! Art is subjective, but if we believe you can do better, we'll ask you to make something new if there's still time. Give gifts you'd like to receive! Pictures/Comics should be specific to the person receiving them. E.g., if they have written a story posted on sj or posted comics on sj, you should try to make your gift specific to that content. Submitting a gift that does not fit this criteria will still put you at risk for being listed as a scrooge!
  4. No Stealing! Plaigiarism / theft will not be tolerated, and will earn you an immediate spot on the scrooge list.
  5. Sprites are okay, BUT they must be 100% original (not recolors)
  6. Safe for Work (and kids) Be respectful of your giftee and their work. Borderline NSFW content is okay, but remember, we're a family friendly site and a lot of people are going to be looking at your gift, not just your giftee. Fully NSFW content won't be posted (this is a change from the past years).
  7. Smack Jeeves Rules and TOS Apply If in doubt, refresh your memory!
  8. Make Santa's Job Easier You don't have to have a comic, but you do need to help your Secret Santa out a little bit. Update your Smack Jeeve's profile with some information about your interests. Link out to other sites and profiles you may have (if you feel comfortable doing so).
  9. Submit Your Art! by December 24th (11:59PM EST). See submission instructions below.
  10. Ask Questions! If something isn't covered in these rules or the FAQ, please ASK!


November 14 - We can announce giftees on the 6th of December, giving everyone a few more precious days to create some of the best gifts ever gifted. Happy holidays, Jeevsies!

November 15 - We've been generously gifted a donator membership and will be accepting larger files and FLASH files! Updated requirements below.

November 17 - Just a reminder, the rules have changed this year, so please read them and make sure you understand them. NSFW comics will NOT be accepted.

December 6 - Some of the assignments seem to have gotten lost in the messaging system. We have resent some PMs to ensure everyone gets them. If you have not received yours, PLEASE let us know! We've also posted all of this year's participants on the site.

December 7 - If you are having difficulty finding information about your giftee, try doing an advanced search for them on the forums. Sometimes the forum profile can yield more results. That said, please help your santa out and update your site profile with some information that will help them make you a nice gift. I can't call someone a scrooge for making a generic gift if they have nothing to go on.


December 5, 2014 (TODAY 11:59PM EST!) Deadline for sign up
December 6, 2014 Giftees will be announced and sent to all secret santas. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE YOUR ASSIGNMENT, PM ME ASAP
December 24, 2014 @ 11:59PM EST Deadline for gifts!
Deadline for Magic Elf Sign up!
December 25, 2014 Scrooges announced, and Magical Elves assigned to their giftees.
January 10, 2015 @ 11:59PM EST Deadline for Magical Elves to submit gifts for people who were scrooged.

Submission Instructions

What follows is basic, easy to follow instructions on what you need to know to actually submit your gift. Failure to follow these instructions may result in you being considered a scrooge. PLEASE follow them. I have an elaborate but efficient system of managing this, and failure to even title your email correctly will throw it out of whack. Please follow these instructions to the letter. Please?

Gifts MUST be emailed to me as an attachment by December 24th EST (look it up if you aren't sure - timezones matter). I will post it on this site for all to see. See details below for how to do this. DO NOT PM me your gift.

  2. Images and flash files cannot exceed 5MB. You will be asked to fix them and resubmit them before deadline if they do.
  3. On the 25th, you can reveal your identity as the gift-giver. (optional)
  4. Don't sign your work with your SJ username. It's secret santa, remember? ;)

Email format for submissions:

Subject: Secret Santa '14 Submission from [YOUR FORUM USERNAME]
Body: A Gift for [your assigned recipient]
Attach: Your image/flash file. If it's already online, link to it in the body. Please take the time to resize your files to no wider than 900px wide and no smaller than 300px wide (they can be up to 10000px high). Files cannot exceed 5MB.

If you would like to include a hi res version of your artwork, please make sure it is clearly named and submitted in addition to the file that meets the above requirements. We will post a link to the hi res file on the site when we post your gift. This is NOT required, but it is very nice of you to do.

Scrooges & Grinches

Anyone who signs up and then fails to fulfill their end of the bargain will be asked to apologize publicly to the person they scrooged. Volunteers (Magical Elves) may do make-up gifts on behalf of scrooges.

Unfortunately, we usually get a handful of people who wind up on the naughty list every year. Most of the time, it's because of holiday emergencies or otherwise honest mistakes. Nevertheless, missing the gift deadline will result in scroogedom and you'll be barred from participating in next year's Secret Santa.

Some folks are extra naughty, (create a gift that specifically violates the rules, refuse to fix their gift, steal art, etc.), and go beyond simple scroogery and cross the line into grinchdom. Grinches are banned from participating in the next two consecutive Secret Santas. A harsh penalty, for sure!

Santa's Magical Elves Sign Up!

Did you miss the deadline for secret santa '14? Just want to help out? Volunteer to be one of the 2014 Magical Elves!

Volunteer only - you won't be getting a gift in return. You'll be making a gift for someone who got scrooged. Meaning, people who signed up and didn't get a gift in return or got a gift that was kinda crappy, e.g. had nothing to do with them or their comics.

The make up gift deadline is January 10th. Only a few days! Don't volunteer if you can't meet that deadline - volunteers should be the ones who've submitted their gifts early and have time to kill. Don't double scrooge.

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